Friday, January 24, 2014

Papa Chang's

I have been holding out on writing about Papa Chang's, not because I didn't like the food, but because we ordered SO MUCH FOOD!  I figured I would need a decent amount of time to sit down and post. I went with 5 others, but one of them could eat for 2 or 3 easily.  No better way of trying a restaurant than with a person like that.  You get to order more dishes!

I read in reviews that you would need to wait on average 1 hour for a table.  Must be some good food.    We had to wait about an hour too, but thats because they also don't take reservations.  So we put down our names....walked around a bit....and then went back.  Just a warning, they are located in a small plaza with NOTHING nearby.  So a lot of people just put down their names, and sit in the car and wait because the restaurant is so small, there is no where to wait inside.

I've never had Taiwanese food before, so I didn't really know what to expect.  After looking at the menu, I didn't see much in terms of veggies.  Is this a Taiwanese thing?  They just eat meat, meat and more meat?  The only veggie dish that I remember seeing was a Chinese veggie topped with chopped pork.  We ordered popcorn chicken, braised beef noodle in soup, Taiwanese dumpling, takoyaki, pork belly, fried pork intestines, chicken skewers, pork & sausage on rice, beef sesame flatbread sandwich, beef egg roll.  Everything was done very well.  The popcorn chicken was seasoned very nicely and very crispy while the insides were still juicy.  
Popcorn Chicken

The braised beef was very flavourful and tender.  And I loved the pickled veggies served on the side.

I didn't like the Taiwanese dumpling at all.  The wrapper was made from glutinous rice, and was too thick and chewy.  It was nice to try it though.  
Taiwanese Dumpling

I can't remember if the takoyaki or chicken skewers were good or bad.  Probably passible.

Chicken Skewers

Pork belly was very good.  I was expecting it to be similar to Chinese roast pork, from the bbq places, but it actually was more like the Filipino pork.  It was very crisp on the outside and still very moist on the inside.  
Fried Pork Belly

The fried pork intestines I already knew I wouldn't like it, but I tried a small piece anyways.  And it reaffirmed that I do not like pork intestines.  My friends said that it was done quite well.  So I'm planning on bringing my mom one day, she loves pig intestines.  
Fried Pork Intestines

The pork & sausage on rice was exactly what it is and what you would imagine it to taste like.  
Pork and Sausage on Rice

The beef sesame flatbread sandwich reminded me of an asian big mac.  The beef was good, but too bad the flatbread kept breaking and falling apart.  It was very flaky.  
Beef Sesame Flatbread Sandwich

Lastly the beef egg roll, this is not what I expected.  And please don't expect to see those thick skinned deep fried monstrosities that you get at a westernized Chinese restaurant.  This was so delicately done.  There was a Chinese version of a crepe wrapped around a thin layer of egg.  The filling was marinated beef shank, and lettuce.  So good!

Beef Egg Roll

My favourite items were the popcorn chicken, braised beef noodle in soup, pork belly, beef sesame flatbread sandwich and the beef egg roll.  

Papa Chang's
5970 16th Ave. Unit 110,
Markham, ON
L3P 7R1


Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 11am - 10pm

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